Japan 1951

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Yokota Air Base

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These photos are all taken at or near Yokota Air Base, the temporary home of the 98th Bomb Wing during the Korean "War". It is about 25 miles west of Tokyo.

If memory serves me right, this was the Yokota Air Base Theatre. (43,646) An example of Japanese gardening near the YAB Officer's Club. (54,231)
More landscaping & gardening. (66,561) Still more. (81,953)
YAB Officer's Club. (35,231) This is where I lived most of my stay at YAB. (58,546)
Railraoad station at the small town of Fussa, near YAB. (58,835) The entrance to Kogeni Golf Course near Tokyo. (53,388)
Caddys Our Favorite Caddys at Johnson Air Base Golf Course. (57,242) Pool Yokota Air Base Swimming Pool

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